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Lindsay's Law

Ohio law (Revised Code 3707.51) defines a youth sports organization as: “a public or nonpublic entity that organizes an athletic activity in which the athletes are not more than nineteen years of age and are required to pay a fee to participate in the athletic activity or whose cost to participate is sponsored by a business or nonprofit organization.” If this describes your organization, then your coaches, parents and youth athletes all must complete the Lindsay’s Law requirements as described at .

Ohio law (Revised Code 3707.58) for youth sports organization parents/youth athletes states: “A completed form shall be submitted each calendar year for to each youth sports organization that organizes an athletic activity in which the youth athlete participates.” Please note: effective September 29, 2017, a completed form shall be submitted each calendar year to each youth sports organization that organizes an athletic activity in which the youth athlete participates.

All parents must view the PARENT VIDEO and complete the annual sign-off sheet every year for each child participating in Rockford Recreation Association programs. All Rockford Rec. coaches must annually view the COACH'S VIDEO and complete the sign-off sheet.

Parent Video

Parent Sign-Off Sheet

Coach's Video

Coach's Sign-Off Sheet

Head Injury Training

ORC 3707.511 - A youth sports organization shall provide to the parent, guardian, or other person having care or charge of an individual who wishes to practice for or compete in an athletic activity organized by a youth sports organization the concussion and head injury information sheet required by section 3707.52 of the Revised Code. The organization shall provide the information sheet annually for each sport or other category of athletic activity for or in which the individual practices or competes.

No individual shall act as a coach or referee for a youth sports organization unless the individual holds a pupil-activity program permit issued under section 3319.303 of the Revised Code for coaching interscholastic athletics or presents evidence that the individual has successfully completed, within the previous three years, a training program in recognizing the symptoms of concussions and head injuries to which the department of health has provided a link on its internet web site under section 3707.52 of the Revised Code.

All Rockford Rec. coaches, umpires, and referees are required to keep their training current. Certification is good for three years from the date of completion. To complete this training, follow these instructions or view the step-by-step video:

1. Visit

2. In the top right corner, click "Register" and complete your free registration

3. Find "Concussion in Sports" and cick on "View Course"

4. Click "Order Course" and complete the FREE checkout process. No credit card information is required.

5. Find the "CLICK HERE" link in the top left of your checkout screen to open the course.

6. Complete the 35 minute "Concussion in Sports" course

7. Print and save your certificate of completion.

8. Email your certificate to:

Additional information on Ohio's head injury laws can be found here:

Parent Head Injury & Concussion Information Sheet

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